Edden Hammons – “Queen Of The Earth and Child Of The Skies”

October 7, 2010

The image of the isolated, self-sufficient life of the farmer still weighs heavy over the imagery of Autumn. The long drones and powerful nuance Edden Hammons is able to pull off the strings in this slow burning march almost seem otherworldly – as pretentious as that reads.   There’s an ancestral, haunted feeling that comes through- conjuring up a towering, somber tribute which belies the melody’s roots and history in southwestern Pennsylvania as a funeral march. Even Hammons can’t help but confirm the vibe, chiming in “ain’t that nice?” at the end.

Edden Hammons – “Queen Of The Earth and Child Of The Skies” (1947, 4:06)


Folklorist Louis Watson Chappel recorded only three sessions with Hammons in 1947 and West Virginia University Press issued an LP in 1984 and a CD reissue in 1999.

One Response to “Edden Hammons – “Queen Of The Earth and Child Of The Skies””

  1. […] fiddle version, recorded in 1947 and titled QUEEN OF THE EARTH AND CHILD OF THE SKIES, on the Bankrupt Museum blog.  It’s recognizably the COLUMBIA melody from Tennessee Harmony, but in the major rather than […]

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